Western Rim Property Services: The Mansions on the Park

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  • September 1, 2015
  • One of the fastest growing areas in Texas is Magnolia. Here you will find Western Rim Property Services development, “The Mansions on the Park”. This environment offers the perfect balance between work, play and relaxation. For anyone with an active, social lifestyle then this is the place for you! The Mansions on the Park is extra-ordinary.

    Visualize yourself pulling into your own personal two car garage. Entering through a private, ground floor entrance. The home itself is appointed with the finest details, everything has been upgraded to state of the art. The designers have been inspired by styles from around the world and the end result is inspiring. You can enjoy a coffee at the conveniently located Starbucks café with WIFI. You can also enjoy walks in the expansive naturally wooded central park. The Mansions of the Park community is equipped with exclusive features, never to be found elsewhere.

    Here in the Mansions of the Park you will be right In the middle of a city full of opportunities.   Work and play is balanced perfectly. Enjoy an active lifestyle and slow down for a relaxing afternoon.

    As part of the development work that Western Rim Property Services do, they also contribute significantly to the natural environment. Marcus Hiles the founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services has given completely improved public parks, lakes and greenspace. The total value of these donations is estimated to be at 4 million.

    Through private parks, the environment of communities and wildlife has significantly been improved. There are also significant benefits to the wider community, with forests helping to remove pollutants to the atmosphere, help reduce energy use in homes for temperature control and also help with stormwater runoff management. The worth of these private parks, permanent zoned open space and wildlife protection zones is estimated to be many millions of dollars.

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