Marcus Hiles: Meet the CEO of Western Rim Properties

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  • September 17, 2015
  • Since the formation of Western Rim Properties in 2004, Marcus Hiles has spearheaded the company‚Äôs real estate development vision: To offer a better life for thousands of Americans. While his vision started in Texas, Western Rim Properties will continue to expand into other areas across the country. Marcus Hiles Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties has stayed true to his business roots and continues to drive his company toward success.

    His Life as CEO of Western Rim Properties

    Marcus Hiles and his family have stayed in Texas throughout most of their lives. They live a short distance away from the headquarters of Western Rim Properties in Colleyville, Texas. Most days, Marcus spends ensuring that Western Rim Properties is run smoothly and that his residents are well taken care of.

    On a personal level, Marcus Hiles likes to interact with many of his employees daily. Those who work closely with him at the Western Rim Properties corporate headquarters have experienced first-hand his ability to effectively run a real estate company while keeping the interests of his employees a top priority.

    While the company takes up much of his life, days when he is not working are spent with his family and friends participating in recreational activities.

    The Charitable Side of Marcus Hiles

    Marcus Hiles Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties is known to be a very giving man.

    For the past two decades, Marcus and his wife, along with his company, have donated millions of dollars to a variety of philanthropic causes. Because Marcus strongly believes that local communities in Texas are a major reason why he is so successful, he ensures that the people who live within them are well taken care of.

    On a personal charitable level, Marcus Hiles focuses much of his philanthropic work on public schools, universities and non-profit employment organizations. Every year, Marcus sets aside huge sums of money from his personal income that is split up into numerous grants that he makes available to schools across the state. Schools then use these grants to buy new computers, educational software and to fund a variety of after school programs.

    On a company level, Marcus and Western Rim Properties have spent more than $4 million dollars to help rehabilitate numerous wildlife habitats and purchase environmentally-friendly technology that the company uses as part of its daily operation for construction and administration.

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