Marcus Hiles Fills a Gap in the Market with Luxury Residences

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  • September 24, 2015
  • For years there has been a gap in the residential market across the United States. From New York to Texas, San Francisco and beyond, developers have mostly followed one blueprint for apartment buildings: Create apartment homes that come with the minimum amount of amenities to satisfy American consumers just enough to sign a lease. Marcus Hiles, owner of Western Rim Properties, has improved upon this idea by leaps and bounds: His Company offers luxury apartment homes and custom mansions located in the best neighborhoods with the best amenities.

    In short, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services gives consumers every premium amenity they could ask for, whether they own a home or rent an apartment.

    From The Beginning: A Man with a Vision for a Bright Real Estate Future

    Marcus Hiles, from the early stages of his career, could see the massive issues that many large developers created more than a decade ago. Consumers who paid a premium price to live a comfortable life weren’t getting the amenities they deserved. In many cases, developers cut corners when it came to onsite facilities, management and more.

    Marcus Hiles decided to do something about it. In 2004, he founded Western Rim Properties in Colleyville, Texas. Since day one, the company’s philosophy has been to provide the “highest quality homes with superior amenities near the best schools in the best locations.” Marcus Giles’ real estate portfolio has grown into the billions of dollars, and includes numerous properties in Houston, Austin, North Dallas, the San Antonio Hill Country and more.

    For more information about Marcus’ and Western Rim Properties, connect with Marcus Hiles on Linkedin.

    Only the Best Amenities: Living Up to Expectations

    Every year, people from around the world flock to Texas to take advantage of a thriving job market, particularly those who are looking for employment within the healthcare or technology fields.

    Texas must meet the housing demands of these families, and Western Rim Properties has risen to the challenge. Every real estate development owned and managed by Marcus Hiles’ firm offers a number of different luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, walking trails, clubhouses, fitness centers, cafes, outdoor WiFi, playgrounds and more. For consumers who are extremely busy with their work schedules, Western Rim Properties provides concierge services at many of their locations.

    Looking Towards the Future of Luxury Real Estate Development

    The real estate market is constantly changing. As the need for comfortable housing grows among American consumers, Marcus Hiles and his firm, Western Rim Properties, will continue to look for development and property management opportunities in locations across the United States.

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