Marcus Hiles – Emphasizing Advancements in Architectural Design and Industry

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  • January 16, 2017
  • Marcus Hiles - Emphasizing Advancements in Architectural Design and Industry
    Marcus Hiles – Emphasizing Advancements in Architectural Design and Industry

    For thirty years, Marcus Hiles, Dallas-based investor and real estate developer, has been building strong communities across Texas. His achievements in the housing industry build from a keen understanding of luxury living that has led him throughout his career path as he developed new exciting housing projects –with profound knowledge of the industry trends and new architectural designs that customers demand. Remarkable changes in architectural concepts have liberalized the ways, in which room partitions, exteriors and other home particulars were originally perceived. With modern architectural technology interventions, sustainable energy saving buildings using zero net energy consumption strategy were made possible. These buildings strike a balance between the total amount of energy consume and the renewable energy they generate in return. In general, passive and active solar buildings have two energy conservation processes, which allow households to considerably reduce their heating and cooling bills. While the new sustainable solution is important in term of energy efficiency, these changes have value added to guarantee more convenience, space and light in today’s homes.

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