Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Creates Spectacular Properties in Northern Rural Areas

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  • June 5, 2017
  • Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim has made amazing communities in the northern rural areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that have given apartment searchers a plenitude of upmarket decisions. Situated in ranges that make full use of Texas’ charming farmland, the Estates, Towers and Mansions properties are all inside short driving distance of central Dallas, giving the best of both city and rural life. Keeping in mind the provision of easy solace, the Estates 3Eighty in Aubrey contains its own park, trail and pet-accommodating leash free dog run. A majority of the one-to four-room flats have open-air living spaces and secure parking. Occupants can luxuriate in a resort-style swimming pool, cutting edge wellness zone and a private coach. For the best ease, there’s even a Starbucks cafe situated on the property.

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